Galactic God Series - Book 3


Aaron Landon doubts he’ll accomplish anything significant for mankind during this mining mission in these dusty parts of the galaxy. Finding planets with valuable resources would be useful but not truly important. Thirty years ago, the discovery Aaron’s great-grandfather had made changed the course of history on two planets. Aaron wished his life could be that meaningful. When he stumbles upon another intelligent species, it is a leap in the right direction.

The crew of the Phoenix discovers a world where every living soul professes belief in God. What could such a world be like? Will it be heavenly … or hellish? What will they think of these humans when some of them don’t even believe in God?

Bonfire is theologically sound Christian Science Fiction that does not shy away from the Gospel. It concludes the initial trilogy leaving you in awe of God’s power and wisdom not only in this fictional reality but in ours as well.

Books in the Galactic God Series: Fire Starter, Rekindled, Bonfire.

Reader Comments

Vance Kessler continues to amaze me with this series of books

Vance Kessler continues to amaze me with this series of books. Unlike some series, I have not found that the Galactic God series becomes old and dull. "Bonfire" continues to capture my attention from the very first page all the way to the last page. I love the story line and style of this book.

I believe that Bonfire, like the two books before, will appeal to all types of readers. It is an easy read filled with action, mystery and love. Bravo Vance on writing another winner!

Another great book in the series

Another great book in the series! Vance has done an excellent job introducing new characters, a new planet and helping me imagine how God can be with aliens too. It may be a fiction book but there are numerous God lessons too. One of my favorite quotes from the book “It didn’t matter what he thought God could do. God wouldn’t be limited by his simple mind.” I would highly recommend!

A satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

Each of the three books stand on their own, but this last addition ties the stories together nicely. Following the personal stories of three successive generations and how the simple act of sharing information has galactic impact. The final scene reminds me the growth potential of us all. Thanks for this book.

This series has been really fun to read and very thought provoking

This series has been really fun to read and very thought provoking. I especially liked Bonfire because of the action and compelling situations. Kessler increased the intensity and the result was an exciting read from beginning to end.


This series has been very inspiring. I have always imagined what it would be like if God had created someone else out there in the great unknown, thank you for writing about it. I truly hope you continue this series. I would really love to know what happens to the resistance and the CHURCH.

A marvelous end to the series

This series will make you think. How about that? A rare species of Christian book...not only speculative, but science fiction well done with realistic believers. You won’t find hard science. Yet the suspension of disbelief comes easily. The characters breathe reality, though the bad guys are fairly stereotypical in places. It's a compelling read that's even worth reading.