Fire Starter

Galactic God Series - Book 1


Fire Starter launches you into a galaxy where theology and aliens collide. Major Derec Landon and his crew travel in search of intelligent life on other planets. What will those aliens do? How different will they be? Will they know God? How about Jesus?

Derec had this mission planned and completely under control. With the best crew and the best ship, they could handle anything. At least that is what he thought. Join Derec in this adventure in the 23rd century as he discovers just how prepared they are.

Fire Starter is theologically sound Christian Science Fiction that does not shy away from the Gospel. It is the first book in a trilogy that will leave you in awe of God’s power and wisdom not only in this fictional reality but in ours as well.

Books in the Galactic God Series: Fire Starter, Rekindled, Bonfire.

Professional Reviews

I believe he wrote a very entertaining tale starting from his premise. it surprised me— several times. That is rare at this stage of my life. It did give him a good tale to teach an important truth. I think you’ll enjoy it. - David Bergsland

Reader Comments

Enjoyable read

A creative view of what life on another planet might be like and their relationship with God. Couldn't put it down.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I am not usually a Science Fiction reader, but was engrossed in this book from the first page. Fire Starter was a thought provoking read with the suspense to not want to put it down. I can't wait for Book 2 in this series. Well done!


Unique and surprising story line. The story had a number of unexpected twists and turns that I didn't expect. The main character changed throughout the the story to be a special hero.

Great Sci-Fi Tale That's A Discovery Of An Alien World And Interstellar Faith Through The Human Condition!

Mr. Kessler managed to craft a fascinating story behind a space traveler who finds faith many light years from home. I've often toyed with the likely scenario of God at work in a vast universe who could well have created life elsewhere. His promise of an eternal hope, redemption and salvation would be an interstellar quality. I really enjoy well written science fiction, and this book fits the bill eloquently as it weaves a plausible storyline for an astronaut who finds himself alone on an alien world. He discovers created beings who have human like fears, hates, love, courage, and faith. But his greatest discovery is himself and the growing faith that transforms him ! This is a great read!