My First 10,000 Years in Heaven


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My First 10,000 Years in Heaven is an astonishing tale of one man’s first years in Heaven as he explores the wonders our eternal home might hold.

What will he feel when he encounters our holy God and Jesus? How will his mistreatment of his family on Earth affect his life in Heaven? What will he find as he explores God’s vast new creation? How will he interact with the members of his enormous, diverse, new family? What capabilities of his resurrected body will he discover? Which animal friends will he make?

What you won’t see him doing is sitting on clouds or strumming on harps.

My First 10,000 Years in Heaven is a Biblically-based tale that will increase your desire for what God is preparing for our eternal home.

Professional Reviews

My First 10,000 Years in Heaven by Vance C. Kessler is an exceptional example of Christian speculative fiction. The premise is interesting and thought-provoking. Kessler attempts to build a picture of what heaven might be like and satisfies the reader’s curiosity. I particularly enjoyed the way he linked Thomas’s experiences in heaven to the flashbacks of his life on Earth. Kessler touches on a very pertinent concern for modern Christians when he explores the parent’s grief that his children had not chosen a life path leading toward heaven. The resolution Kessler creates is comforting and hope-inspiring. I recommend My First 10,000 Years in Heaven for individual inspirational reading and small group discussion.

Reader Comments

Engaging, intriguing, imaginative read

Have you ever wondered what it will be like when we pass from this world into the next? Wonderful no more. Get a glimpse into what it might possibly be like. What we might have to look forward to.

I received an advanced copy of this book and could not put it down. It is engaging and intriguing - visualizing the many ways existence might be like in Heaven. I highly recommend you reading this book.

A fascinating glimpse into our heavenly existence.

Vance uses biblical references to take the reader on an incredible journey of what our existence in heaven may be like. The imagery, attention to detail and story within the story kept me intrigued until the last page. With so much uncertainty in this world, it is so refreshing to read a story of hope and imagine our forever home with the Lord. A great read! Highly recommend!

I loved this book and definitely recommend it!

I enjoyed reading every word. It is a fun read, and shows us incredible possibilities of what our life in Heaven might be like. Vance uses such vivid descriptions of everything that Thomas experience's, that the reader can easily picture what he is describing. I love Vance's interpretation of scripture and his very creative imagination, and can feel his excitement as he carries us through this beautiful journey.

Some imagination mixed with biblical teachings. Well done!

I received an advance copy of My First 10,000 Years in Heaven. Obviously fictional, yet very thought provoking. It serves a great purpose in getting us to think about the potential possibilities of what awaits us from our all loving Creator. In this book, the author shares his insight into scripture and how he has drawn his conclusions of what our lives “might” be like in Heaven. I truly enjoyed reading it and recommend it.

Keen Observations

Kessler's keen observation about what the Holy Scripture teaches about Heaven and this seasoned Christian's view of himself with a sober judgement is absolutely stunning. This book has the fear of anticipation that a youngster might get on his first ride on the biggest roller-coaster of his life. While it slowly goes up, fears and uncertainties one might have is like someone who looks intently into the mirror and sees how far he has missed the mark on the day of accountability. The knowledge that we must all give an account is made so distinctively clear in Kessler's story. Like a skilled physician, this writer makes the reader feel every detail the scriptures teach about mankind, sin and redemption. What is so great about this book is that it helps the reader delve deep into one's own life with proper fear and yet anticipation because of what is known about what Jesus did and what mankind has been promised for those who accept the Gospel of Jesus. The surge of adrenaline merged with anticipation of what is to come as the youngster spirals downward on that speeding roller-coaster makes the once-scared youngster yell out WOW, let's do it again. Likewise Kessler's most accurate account of the surge of euphoria that will consume the repentant, humbled sinner is so well described in Kessler's own interpretation of what the scriptures teach of the most anticipated event known to mankind. This is the day God's children can assuredly look forward to because of God's Holiness and His righteousness. This is the day that has been promised to those who put their faith in Jesus, because of His perfect sacrifice. The vivid view Kessler gives on The New Heaven and The New Earth is just so captivating. The writer's view of what the scriptures teach on the new Heavenly body we will all have and all the implications of the other promises we have been given is just a great climax to the highly expected transformation we all are looking forward to. Like the youngster that comes down the big roller coaster, the heart is just kept pounding throughout the book.

The Holy Scriptures give us a glimpse of what is to come but this book obviously gives some great imaginative and startling visuals of the eternal greatness that is to be revealed. During the great trials and tribulations we are living in, it is so refreshing to be reminded about eternity. This book reminds me of the many others besides myself who long for what is to be revealed. We wait with faith, patience and joyful anticipation for the promise of eternal life. In the midst of all the chaos, hatred and evil we are living in this book makes me hungrier to study and learn what will be pleasing to do for the Prince of Peace until he returns. This book kept my heart pounding with eager anticipation of what the author was revealing about the new heaven and the new earth. I also imagined the heart pounding events when God parted the Red Sea or when 10 were raised from the dead, throughout the Bible. I could only have a puny imagination of what it must have been witnessing Creation. Finally, when the witnesses saw Jesus resurrect and ascend into Heaven, their thoughts and emotions must have been most astonishing of all. The gift of imagination God gave His creation and the liberties the author of this book took are so inspiring for anticipation.

To the very end, this book has made me look at scriptures I have read over and over with a joy, imagination and perspective I had not done before. It is my humble discernment that Vance Kessler's book is comparable with the writings of C. S. Lewis. I can eagerly wait with peace and joy and not with fear! This book is well done!