My First 10,000 Years in Heaven

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"This book is phenomenal. It is going to just take you to so many places. It's going to have you digging deep into scripture. It's going to have you really thinking about heaven."

"There aren’t a lot of books out there about Heaven. I don’t think we talk about Heaven as much as we should."

Parker J Cole

General Questions

Q: What is the book about?

In My First 10,000 Years in Heaven, we walk with Thomas down parallel paths as he discovers the wonders of Heaven and as he struggles with his faith and family in this life. This story does this by taking the clues found in the Bible about Heaven and playing them out. He finds incredible things in his new heavenly home and marvelous capabilities of his new resurrected body. The trials and joys of his life on earth contrast how much better our lives in Heaven will be over our lives here.

Q: Why did you write this book?

After writing my non-fiction book about Heaven, I have been thinking and talking about Heaven a lot. Satan has done far too good a job of making people not desire Heaven. He wants us to believe Heaven is a purely spiritual place where we only sing or play harps for all eternity while floating on clouds. People believe that even though the concept itself is contradictory and there is nothing in scripture about it.

I want to combat those lies as the best I can. This book encourages people question what they believe about Heaven and search out what is true according to scripture.

Q: What are some special things in this story?

I show how our relationships with everyone in Heaven will be better than any earthly relationship we can have. I believe we will love everyone in Heaven more deeply than we love even our own spouses or children in this life. That is possible because sin will never damage those relationships. However, I believe we will still have a special connection with our spouses or other loved ones.

This story will awake the reader's curiosity about what our resurrected bodies will be capable of. It explores very interesting and likely possibilities regarding the bodies God will give us.

Worship and thanksgiving are a central part of this story, however, it is presented in a way that is way more interesting than eternal singing while strumming a harp.

Q: What qualifies you to write about Heaven?

I have been reading and studying about Heaven for around 10 years now. My primary source is the Bible. It has a lot more to say about Heaven than many people think. I also read many books on the subject by authors such as C.S. Lewis, Randy Alcorn, N.T. Wright, John MacArthur, and others. I took what I learned and imagined what that could mean.

Q: Do really believe you can tell people what Heaven will be like?

I don't believe that for a second. This story will not be completely accurate, however, I hope it points people in the direction of the truth. It will fall far short of the reality of Heaven because we are not capable of understanding the reality of it in our current condition. Our current state of being does not allow us to appreciate the spiritual aspects that will be a foundational part of Heaven.

I guessed at what the environment of Heaven will be like and described it in terms we can relate to.

Q: What will people get out of reading this book?

You will be more excited about the eternal home God is preparing for us after reading this book. I help you do that by envisioning the ramifications of the clues the Bible gives us about Heaven. This will equip you to recognize the lies about Heaven that are so prevalent.

When I first had the idea to research Heaven ten years ago, I was not excited about it. I literally thought all we would do is sing to God for all eternity in a formless, spiritual state of existence. I had believed Satan's lies. Now, I long for my heavenly home and strive to bring as many people with me as possible.

Q: How will this book help people?

Having the proper view of Heaven and being excited about it helps develop an eternal perspective that can carry you through any trial in this life. Knowing the pain we suffer will be nothing compared to what we will receive in Heaven, and might even add to our enjoyment, gives us the comfort and strength we need to make it through those tough times.