God's Favorite Liars, Adulterers, and Murderers

God's Favorite Liars, Adulterers, and Murderers looks at how God's grace worked in the lives of several Biblical heroes and how it works the same way in our lives today. This book encourages us to move past our failures and turn back to God to allow Him to use us in powerful ways.

This book shows us that no matter how badly we screw up our lives, God can still use us in powerful ways if we just turn to Him. It answers the following questions and many more. How can an adulterer and a murderer be a man after God's own heart? How can a man with serious doubts about God be called the father of the faithful? It does this by looking in depth at the lives of several biblical heroes. It focuses on major mistakes in the lives of these people to show how God's grace worked powerfully in their lives. Despite these mistakes and because of God's grace, these people were still able to become heroes and heroines of the Bible. While examining these things the book also shows that what these biblical heroes and heroines went through is not very different from what we encounter today. God's grace can cover us today when we make these same mistakes or even mistakes which are far worse.

God's Favorite Liars, Adulterers, and Murderers is very encouraging to those having difficulty dealing with the guilt of the sins in their lives. It is of particular help to jail ministries and various recovery groups. Actually, the book can encourage anyone who has ever sinned.

Professional Reviews

Rubel, Shelly, Ph.D.

Only people who have never read the Bible would think of it as a collection of reasonably pleasant stories about horribly boring people. It is murder and mayhem. It is betrayal and scandal. It is a compendium of stories about the worst behaviors of which humans are capable. Then God shows up - not with lightning bolts, but with undeserved mercy and fresh options. Vance Kessler has put his interpretive pen to some of the biblical accounts of God's Favorite Liars, Adulterers, and Murderers. Reading his book just might give some people not only fresh insights into the original stories but also new horizons for their own circumstances.

Reader Comments

God's Favorites

I really enjoyed this book and it was an easy book to read and understand. You can tell that this author knows the bible and shares his love of God in the way he wrote this book. It is a book that I believe everyone should read, for we all "mess up" from time to time,for none of us are perfect. This author tells the story of God's love and forgiveness for all of us with passion and precision. He not only presents the gospel message on practically every page, he explains why it is important for the believer each and every day.

God Can Use Us All - No Matter The Flaws!

The book takes stories from the Bible and shows how God loved murderers, prostitutes, liars and others. Not only did He love them, they played important roles in carrying out God's plan for His people. It is a great book for those struggling to feel loved by God or who may think that their past mistakes are so horrible that God could never love or forgive them. Vance relates the stories in an easy to read manner and helps us all realize their is nothing we have done that God can't forgive and continue to use us to help others.

My two cents

This book is for anyone who thinks their sins are too great for God to forgive. Vance reminds us that God loves us regardless of our past. Some of the greatest Bible heros are flawed individuals that God uses for his glory.

Notes From Vance

Several years ago while I was reading through the Old Testament again God showed me an interesting pattern that I had not really noticed before. I kept noticing how all of the primary figures, or heroes, of the Bible really messed up. Not just some of them, but all of them. That really was encouraging to me.

I thought to myself, if God loved these people so much and they are held up as some of the best examples of faith and obedience the world has ever had to offer but they still messed up, that takes a lot of pressure off of me! I do not have to be perfect, I just need to love God and try hard to follow Him. If a murderer can be a man after God's own heart, then my sins will not keep me from being one as well. Then I realized that others need to know this story of Grace. That is what compelled me to write God's Favorite Liars, Adulterers, and Murderers.