Heaven: Harps Optional

Most Christians rarely think about Heaven and those who do often have a distorted image of it. In Heaven: Harps Optional, Vance Kessler helps us develop a better understanding of what the Bible says about our eternal home. He builds on that understanding to open our minds to exciting possibilities. There is a lot more to Heaven than simply floating around, strumming harps, and singing for all eternity.

Vance also encourages us to develop an eternal perspective which helps all Christians deal with their lives here on earth better. He helps us to look forward to what God is preparing for our eternal home so we can more fully appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made to get us there.

Reader Comments

Sixty One year old Christian - Getting closer to going home

Heaven: Harps Optional is a Christian; thought provoking, look at 12 major topics concerning our current heaven and earth status then proceeding to eternity and our new bodies. It seems as though the chief aim of this book is to bring the reader to a deeper apperception of what's ahead...our great reward! The author supplies points without driving you to his conclusions. After all we can only know what the bible tells us; so staying within recorded truth the reader will find many treasures to discern and become knowledgeable about. This is a very worthwhile read. It's written simply without being simplistic. Any Christian wanting answers from what is given in the scripture concerning heaven will find this fascinating and rich with thought provoking material. I've read a few books written on heaven in my lifetime and I feel this one deserves a five star rating.