God Doesn't Say Oops

God is the ultimate planner. In God Doesn't Say Oops, Vance Kessler shows that God’s plans are far beyond our ability to comprehend. He also gives insight into God’s motivation for those plans. This fascinating book explores God's eternal plan for mankind. It analyzes the amazing level of planning and forethought required by God to make His plan become reality. The ultimate in God's planning is investigated in detail: the birth and death of Jesus. Examples of God's plans for the Heroes of the Bible are also examined.

Looking at God as the ultimate planner is merely the foundation for what is the most important aspect of God Doesn't Say Oops. The goal is for you to build your trust in God and allow Him to be the architect of your entire life. You will gain a better understanding of how vast and powerful God is and more importantly why He does what He does. You are encouraged to give up more of the control you are still holding onto, so He can guide every aspect of your life. This is a never ending journey and we will never completely reach that goal, but God Doesn't Say Oops will help us further down that path.

Reader Comments

This book makes you think and challenge yourself to fulfill your purpose in life.

Vance Kessler's "God Doesn't Say Oops" really moved me to think more about God's desire for each person to seek and find Him, by finding out how to live one's own life. You can pick up this book and practically start anywhere and it makes sense. It provides a decent challenge to think and explore your life -- why you do what you do -- and a way of understanding that life "throws us all curveballs". Vance provides a way, like a baseball batting coach, of helping to think about how to connect with those curveballs and accomplish something, instead of 'striking out'.

If you are at a point in life of wanting to help yourself, or help others understand how to think about God's purpose for them, "God Doesn't Say Oops" can provide a way to look yourself in the mirror and say "I can handle this! God, show me how to do it!"

Thanks for writing this book, Vance Kessler.