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Three Prayers for Timothy

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What would you do if you had the chance to swap your spouse with a new one and only you would ever know?

Timothy is frustrated with his marriage, causing his thoughts to travel dark paths. Anger at his wife is spilling over into every aspect of his life. He is even starting to think his employer is connected to the Russian Mafia. That’s crazy, right?

God steps in and gives Tim three prayers to change anything about his life. How will Tim use that power? What path will he choose?

My First 10,000 Years in Heaven

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Would you want to skydive in Heaven?

My First 10,000 Years in Heaven is an astonishing tale of one man’s first years in Heaven as he explores the wonders our eternal home might hold.

What will he feel when he encounters our holy God and Jesus? How will his mistreatment of his family on Earth affect his life in Heaven? What will he find as he explores God’s vast new creation? How will he interact with the members of his enormous, diverse, new family? What capabilities of his resurrected body will he discover? Which animal friends will he make?

Three Prayers for Jacob

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Have you ever been upset with God? Would you tell God He's an idiot? Detective Jacob Burton does exactly that. He's angry at God because he is suffering through what he feels is a senseless family tragedy. Most people would hold back and not be completely honest with God about such feelings. How will God react to such raw honesty?

Jacob thinks God got something very wrong in his life. What would Jacob have done differently? What would life be like if things had gone his way? It’s too bad Jacob can never know. Or can he?

Fire Starter

Galactic God Series - Book 1
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Fire Starter launches you into a galaxy where theology and aliens collide. Join the Landon family on an adventure showing how God could have planned for intelligent life to exist on other planets.

Major Derec Landon and his crew travel in search of intelligent life on other planets. What will those aliens do? How different will they be? Will they know God? How about Jesus?

Derec had this mission planned and completely under control. With the best crew and the best ship, they could handle anything. At least that is what he thought. Join Derec in this adventure in the 23rd century as he discovers just how prepared they are.


Galactic God Series - Book 2
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The spaceship Columbus held shocking news from Morton’s father when it returned to Earth. Morton, along with the rest of the world, struggles with the implications of finding intelligent life on a distant planet and with what happened to the crew. How will humans react to knowing aliens worship the same god we do? How will a government that barely tolerates Christianity react?

Rekindled, the second book of the Galactic God series, explores how finding intelligent life on another planet would impact us here on Earth. Would people embrace such knowledge or crucify it?


Galactic God Series - Book 3
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Aaron Landon doubts he’ll accomplish anything significant for mankind during this mining mission in these dusty parts of the galaxy. Finding planets with valuable resources would be useful but not truly important. Thirty years ago, the discovery made by Aaron’s great-grandfather had changed the course of history on two planets. Aaron wished his life could be that meaningful. When he stumbles upon another intelligent species, it is a leap in the right direction.

The crew of the Phoenix discovers a world where every living soul professes belief in God. What could such a world be like? Will it be heavenly … or hellish? What will they think of these humans when some of them don’t even believe in God?


God Doesn't Say Oops

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God is the ultimate planner. In God Doesn't Say Oops, Vance Kessler shows that God’s plans are far beyond our ability to comprehend. He also gives insight into God’s motivation for those plans. This fascinating book explores God's eternal plan for mankind. It analyzes the amazing level of planning and forethought required by God to make His plan become reality. The ultimate in God's planning is investigated in detail: the birth and death of Jesus. Examples of God's plans for the Heroes of the Bible are also examined.

Heaven: Harps Optional

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Most Christians rarely think about Heaven and those who do often have a distorted image of it. In Heaven: Harps Optional, Vance Kessler helps us develop a better understanding of what the Bible says about our eternal home. He builds on that understanding to open our minds to exciting possibilities. There is a lot more to Heaven than simply floating around, strumming harps, and singing for all eternity.

Vance also encourages us to develop an eternal perspective which helps all Christians deal with their lives here on earth better. He helps us to look forward to what God is preparing for our eternal home so we can more fully appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made to get us there.

God's Favoritre Liars, Adulterers, and Murderers

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No matter how badly we screw up our lives, God can still use us in powerful ways if we just turn to Him. It answers the following questions and many more. How can an adulterer and a murderer be a man after God's own heart? How can a man with serious doubts about God be called the father of the faithful? It does this by looking in depth at the lives of several biblical heroes. It focuses on major mistakes in the lives of these people to show how God's grace worked powerfully in their lives. Despite these mistakes and because of God's grace, these people were still able to become heroes and heroines of the Bible. While examining these things the book also shows that what these biblical heroes and heroines went through is not very different from what we encounter today.

Developing Divine Relationships

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We all long for healthy, thriving relationships. Developing Divine Relationships shows how you can indeed have these relationships but only if they are based on the most important relationship possible: the one between God and you. Developing Divine Relationships encourages you to develop a deeper relationship with each aspect of God (the Father, the Son, and the Spirit) that will in turn enable you to further enhance your relationships with others.