I submitted My First 10,000 Years in Heaven and Three Prayers for Jacob to Reader's Favorite for reviews. They gave both books their highest rating of 5 stars.

I've been invited to be on Parker J. Cole's podcast for Christian authors called the Write Stuff.

You can listen to it December 9th at 7pm (Eastern). Go here for more details.

Update -12Dec2020: The interview went great. You can hear it here.


Recieving great reviews for My First 10,000 Years in Heaven so far.

I've started doing research and character/plot development for my next book. It will be the next book in the Three Prayers series. It will deal with a struggling marriage and the Russian Mafia.


My First 10,000 Years in Heaven has launched and is available on Amazon.

I want to thank all my advanced readers for helping with the launch. Sign up for my mailing list, and you could be an advanced reader for my next book.


The Kindle version of My First 10,000 Years in Heaven is available for pre-order on Amazon.


Final edits are complete! All that remains is formatting and planning for the launch!


I just approved the cover for my next book. It shouldn't be long now.


Launched the new website on


My First 10,000 Years in Heaven has been released to my beta-readers. I'm very close to releasing this book.

My goal with this book is to get people excited about what God has planned for us in Heaven.


Sorry to keep you waiting, but I had a side project to work on related to my church for a few months. But I am completed focused on the book again. Well, besides my full-time job. To whet your appetite, I'll tell you my working title. I am calling it My First 10,000 Years in Heaven.


I've started writing my next book. Just to give you a clue what it is about, it is a work of fiction related to Heaven: Harps Optional.


Three Prayers for Jacob has been released! It is now available on Amazon.

A huge thank you to my beta-readers. I would also like to thank Tim Petty for doing an awesome job on the cover. Check out his stuff on his site, Bullet Proof.


I have just started my last read-through before sending Three Prayers of Jacob off to my beta-readers.


I am about 50% with my first read-through of Three Prayers for Jacob. There are a few other phases after that, but it is getting close to being done.

This book will have a wider target audience than any of my previous books. I am curious what effect that will have.


I am about 40,000 words into Three Prayers for Jacob. I am pretty happy with it so far. I think it will help many people trust God through difficult circumstances.

This book should help you trust God more fully during those times when you have no answers as to the WHY of it all.


The initial trilogy of the Galactic God series is complete! I have released a special eBook that is a collection of all three books.


I've received the comments for Bonfire from all my reviewers and have already updated the spots they said needed a little polishing. They all said they thought this was the best book in the series. I should have the book in your hands by the end of January.


I have started my next book and am two chapters in. The only tie it has to any of my previous books is that I came up with the idea for this book after thinking about the implications of the Bonfire ending.

The working title is Three Prayers of Jacob..

I'll tease you with knowing that the premise of the book is based on God not being bound by time as we are.


Bonfire is in the hands of my beta-readers. I hope to release by the end of January.