Psalms in Heaven

Vance wants to make it extremely clear that these psalms will be pathetic when compared to psalms that might actually be written in Heaven. They even fall far short of what we have in the book of Psalms today. The goal is not to write something of equal or greater worth than the Psalms of the Bible. Vance is simply attempting to open your mind to how different life in Heaven will be from what it is now and that we can have some idea of how it will differ today.

  1. Before, selfish desire polluted every thought,
    but now, compassion permeates them all.
    Before, laziness kept me in my house when needs were on my doorstep,
    but now, nothing could keep me from helping others.
    Before, jealousy tainted even my relationships with my friends,
    but now, I have nothing but joy for the accomplishments of everyone I meet.
    Before, anger sometimes controlled me,
    but now, love compels all I do.
    Before, I was in need,
    but now, you pour blessings on me.
    Before, I was in pain,
    but now, your comfort and joy are all I know.
    Before, I struggled to do good,
    but now, acting selflessly is more natural than breathing.
    Praise you, God of all good things.

  2. Jesus, you counted my transgressions, and they were more than the stars.
    I felt darker than the deepest night.
    Yet, you lit my soul with glory when you took my evil unto yourself.
    Eternity will be far too short to express my thanks.
    Nevertheless, I will continually praise you forevermore.

  3. Then, we were foreigners.
    We looked for you but only found wisps of you in the clouds.
    We listened for you but only heard whispers of you in the wind.
    We groped for you but only felt impressions of you in the sand.
    Now, we are home.
    We see you in everything around us.
    We hear you in every sound.
    We feel you in everything we touch.
    Blessed be your name. You give us even more.
    We see your face.
    We hear the thunder from your throne.
    We feel Jesus's hand as He walks with us.
    We are home, and you are with us.

  4. I used to find joy by feeding the poor,
    but now, there is no hunger.
    I used to give comfort when visiting the sick,
    but now, there is no disease.
    I used to share peace by reassuring those wronged,
    but now, there is no injustice.
    Now, I serve purely for joy, not from need.

  5. Thank you for the family you gave me.
    The love for my earthly wife brought me such joy.
    Sometimes I thought my heart would burst with love when holding my children.
    I wish I had known how small that love was.
    I wish I had known how much more I would love everyone I was to meet in Heaven.
    My heavenly family is so much dearer to me than I could have imagined.
    I immediately trust those I meet more than anyone in my old life.
    I love them faster and more intimately than my earthly wife.
    Thank you for the family you have given me in Heaven.

  6. Dark thoughts chased me. Your light drove them away forever.
    Temptations nipped at my heels. You moved me beyond their reach.
    Anger ensnared me far too often. You broke the snare.
    Lust haunted me. You put it to death forevermore.
    Jealousy robbed me of strength. You gave me gifts to thrill me throughout eternity.
    My old body was wasting away. You gave me a new body that is forever new.
    Praise you, Father, for all that you have done for me.

  7. I remember stubbing my toe,
    but I cannot remember what pain feels like.
    I remember catching colds,
    but I cannot remember the misery of a fever.
    I remember hitting my funny bone,
    but I cannot remember the tingling feeling.
    I remember throwing up,
    but I cannot remember the taste of bile.
    I remember my sin,
    but I cannot remember the feeling of guilt.
    Lord, I thank you for the memories of my former life,
    but I thank you more for what you have taken from me.

  8. The Grand Tetons in Wyoming were breathtaking.
    The Great Barrier Reef in Australia was the mesmerizing home of thousands of brilliantly colored sea creatures.
    The Amalfi Coast in Italy held wonders with its sheer cliffs and secluded coves.
    The power of Niagara Falls inspired awe from all who saw it.
    Yet, none of those compare to the majesty you have given us in Heaven.
    There are more wonders on New Earth than on the Old.
    But they are only the beginning. You have given us unlimited treasures to uncover on planets beyond number.
    Yet, even with all that, the universe itself is a merely one jewel in your crown.

  9. I love enjoying the beauty of the majestic mountains of New Earth,
    but the pull of Your presence dwarfs them all.
    The fellowship of my heavenly family is richer than any I knew before,
    but spending time with You is my greatest joy.
    Exploring the universe You created for us continually surprises me with wonders,
    but I am constantly drawn back to Your throne for never-ending admiration.
    Playing with the animals on different planets is such fun,
    but basking in Your presence pulls me back time after time.
    Attempting new feats with these bodies you have given us is exhilarating
    but are drab compared to spending time with You.
    Of all the things you have given us in Heaven, the best by far is Yourself.